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Basement renovations, finishing and development is an art, because of the somewhat hidden nature of the room. There is many ways a home owner can cut corners to complete a basement renovation or finishing that could and will hurt them in the long run. Experience and knowledge are a key component to avoid bad surprises and to make sure the job is done right. Small mistakes in this room could end up being very costly, there is certain steps to take when you’re renovating your basement and or developing your basement. It is very important to remember that some basements can have some serious moisture problems which have to be resolved before any basement renovations. Your trusted contractor will help you to determine if this is the problem in case of your basement and will make sure that moisture will not damage a newly installed cabinets, furniture or finishes. An experienced general contractor should also have an electrical and plumbing sub-contractor on their team. Creative Designs Contractors’ unique blend of knowledge and good taste will turn your basement into a safe and beautiful living area. Creative Design Contractors; your best source for basement renovation & finishing in Winnipeg

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Yoga Room

Finishing your basement will add a whole new dimension to your life by enabling you to enjoy to the full all that below-stairs space.

Perhaps you are thinking of turning your basement into a parents’ den, or maybe you have always hankered after a home gym, or perhaps you simply want a guest room that can also serve as a home office or sewing room. Your basement may even be large enough to incorporate all of these options – and still leave space for a dedicated laundry room and storage area.

Our expert basement finishing team at Creative Design Contractors Ltd has finished numerous basements in the Winnipeg area and has a thorough grasp of the complexities involved in these types of extensive home make-over projects.

Browse through the photo gallery below and you will some of the latest basement renovations we have carried out in recent months.

We also invite you to review our testimonials page so that you can get an idea of what some of our previous clients think of the way we work.

Why choose Creative Design Contractors Ltd to finish your basement?

We fully believe in a job well done which is why we give you a two year warranty on our craftsmanship and always inspect your below-stairs infrastructure before we start any basement finishing or renovation. This means:

  • ensuring that there are no moisture issues such as damp spots or leaking plumbing pipes
  • checking for loose electrical connections
  • verifying that the foundation walls, supporting pillars and floor are not cracked and repairing them where needed
  • confirming location of main sewage lines and other essential infrastructure that may pass below or through your basement
  • examining your insulation material and replacing it where necessary
  • sealing around windows and vents
  • finding solutions to heat your basement area to leave it warm and snug and get rid of the below-grade damp feel that unfinished basements so often have.

Only when we are sure that your basement is structurally sound, warm and dry will we begin to install those decorative features that will transform you basement into the type of space you can actually enjoy using.

Coming up with a plan for your basement re-design

You know best how you want to use your below stairs space and we will do all we can to make your finished basement dreams a practical reality.

We suggest you sit down with a pen and paper and sketch out various rough plans of how you think you could use your space to the best effect.

  • Don’t forget to mark in the position of windows, stairs, plumbing, sump pumps, drainage, sewage pipes and other features that cannot be changed.
  • Be aware that often basement ceilings are notoriously low which may limit the types of light fittings you can install.
  • Look ahead because maybe at some point in the next few years you will want to transform your current basement into some other use – perhaps from a children’s playroom into an adolescent’s game room.
  • Think carefully about the structural features you choose now (recessed lighting, in-built bookshelves, number of electric outlets, etc) to ensure that these will also work in your future plans.
  • Measure your furniture and sketch in where you think it will go.

Revisit your rough plan over several days or weeks until you feel happy that you have a layout that will work for you.

Once you have your ideas finalized, then it’s time to call in our expert basement renovations and finishing team at Creative Design Contractors Ltd to revise your rough plan.

We have extensive experience renovating basements throughout the Winnipeg area and will be delighted to share our knowledge with you.

We know that the secret to successful basement renovations and finishing is getting all the details right and tackling each job in the proper sequence.

For example, we have found that with many clients we often suggest adding additional electric outlets so that you have plenty of choice down the line where to install lamps, TVs, recharge cell phones etc, without the need for running a lot of unsightly cables across the floor surface.

And it is often wise to include at least a half-bath in your basement re-design so you don’t have to run upstairs whenever nature calls.

Creative Design Contractors can help to tweak your rough plans into a final layout so that you get that beautiful basement renovations you are looking for within the budget you have decided on.

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