Contemporary kitchen design and project in Winnipeg.

Kitchen Renovation in Winnipeg

The kitchen is by far the most important living space in any home.  It has to be functional, practical and above all, it has to look good!  In Winnipeg, that’s when Creative Design Contractors comes in.  When it comes time to hire a contractor for your make-over, our expert kitchen designs will walk you through a step by step process that will truly bring your vision to life.

Creative Design Contractors Ltd: we guarantee our workmanship for two years for your complete satisfaction.

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Black and White Downtown Winnipeg kitchen Reno Completed!

Gorgeous Kitchen in Winnipeg

Creative Kitchen Renovation in Winnipeg

Kitchen Renovation Project on Waterloo

Fancy White Kitchen Renovation Project in Winnipeg

Kitchen Renovation Project on Borebank

Kitchen Renovation Project on Essar

Red Kitchen in Winnipeg

Fixing up your kitchen is probably the most satisfying and rewarding of all home make-overs.

As the central hub where you congregate to share meals, entertain friends and carry out many of your daily tasks, your kitchen is probably the most-used (and therefore the most important) living space in your home.

This is why you need it to be highly functional, supremely comfortable and to look good.

Take a look below at some of the kitchen renovations the Creative Design Contractors team have undertaken recently in the Winnipeg area.

Browsing other people’s kitchen make-overs is a great way to pick up ideas and you may find some features here that you could incorporate into your own kitchen re-design.

Here are some of the most important questions you need to ask yourself when re-configuring your kitchen:

What features of your current kitchen do you want to maintain?

Perhaps you like the basic layout and your kitchen appliances are still in good condition so you simply want to spruce up your décor with new tiles, countertops and cupboard doors.

This type of kitchen make-over is the most economical since we do not have to gut your current kitchen or relocate plumbing or electrical fixtures. If you find your kitchen works well for you but is just looking tired then renewing the façade could well be the solution you are looking for, and won’t cost you the earth.

Perhaps your kitchen layout works well but you want to replace old fashioned sinks, stovetops, cupboards and other features to create a more sleek and modern look.

Start off by choosing the appliances you want to install and then design the rest of the kitchen around these. You might like to think about:

  • deep drawers instead of cupboards to give you easier access to those back spaces
  • raised corner platforms to maximize use of space and for easier access to microwaves, toasters, coffee machines and other countertop appliances
  • special corner units that give you easy access to hard-to-reach spaces
  • adding a kitchen island or breakfast bar
  • installing solid granite or marble countertops to create a beautiful, very practical and luxurious finish.

Perhaps you want to re-design your entire kitchen and replace appliances, units, floors, tiles and all!

This is the most satisfying type of kitchen renovation because it gives you the greatest scope to customize the space to suit your needs, tastes and lifestyle. With a complete kitchen overhaul you can:

  • Add more electric outlets to make it easy to plug in all your countertop appliances, recharge your mobile phones, use your laptops – all at the same time, without overloading the circuits.
  • Adjust your plumbing features so that you can move your kitchen sink, or add a central island sink, or move your dishwasher to the other side to make for a more practical work flow…
  • Plan in a cozy nook where you can work comfortably with your computer and still be part of the kitchen gossip.
  • Incorporate the latest kitchen gadgetry such as an extra-large, side-by-side fridge-freezer, a double wall-oven, free-standing, country-style range – whatever you like!
  • Add a comfortable couch and coffee table to create an inviting space where you can relax with friends and/or children can play while you get on with the job of fixing dinner.

At Creative Design Contractors we are happy to undertake kitchen renovation projects both large and small, and are committed to transforming your kitchen dreams into reality.

We have widespread home renovation experience in the Winnipeg area, a talented team of dedicated craftsmen and a sincere belief in our core values of integrity, honesty and a good job well done.

Why not take a look at our review page to see what some of our previous Winnipeg customers have to say about our kitchen, bathroom and other home renovation abilities?

And if you would like to discuss your ideas in greater detail we will be happy to talk you step-by-step through your kitchen re-design process.

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