This is the question that our customers ask us quite often. Here in Winnipeg we have long, and harsh winters and many people wait until the spring to start a home renovation.

They are often afraid of problems with dust, debris or fumes that can easily get into the air ducts. Another problem people indicate, relates to finding a right staging and storage area to make a project quick and smooth experience. Additionally, people afraid of increased bills for heating as a contractor may open windows and doors more often than usually. Let’s try to investigate if the winter is really inconvenient time for a home renovation of remodeling.

We can see that some projects just can’t be done in winter time because of their nature. We will not be able for example to paint your home exterior or properly build a fence. However, interior projects can be done over the winter months as current technologies and clean-up methods allow to perform home renovations in the way that will not affect any other rooms in your house. We can mention here plastic zip doors, fans with negative pressure or other products necessary to seal the air ducts. Such solutions will help to make renovation project smooth and quick in winter time.


On the other hand there are few reasons why it is worth to think about home renovation in winter time. We mentioned before that some works can’t be done in winter time and this is why contractors like to schedule interior projects like painting, flooring, drywall or cabinetry building in this time. You as a home owner will be able easier find a contractor and possible get better quotation than in Summer time. For many of us price is very important factor and most of the contractors increase their prices with beginning of the spring.

Additionally, you need to apply for many permits before the work starts and from our experience we can say that it is much easier and quicker to get a permit approval as most of the government agencies are less busy in the winter.

Finally many Winnipeggers plan their winter retreats these months which could be great opportunity to have all major work done and avoid all possible disruptions of your regular activities during the renovation.

As you can see there are many pros of a home renovation in the winter months. Many people who did it, can say that it is just the best time of a year for remodeling. Maybe you should think about it and plan one of your future projects during winter months.

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Home Renovation in the Winter Time. Bad or Good Idea?