When it comes to renovating and redesigning a kitchen, there are two main factors to consider. One is the function of the kitchen and the other is the appropriate style to compliment it. However, most homeowners opt for the easy way and end up concentrating on the style alone and assume the function part of the kitchen or the vice-versa.

However, concentrating on the style or the function of the kitchen alone will convey a confusing message and look. This is because each element will contradict the other. Therefore, you should consider both factors and use each to complement and bring out the uniqueness of the other. Here are some tips on the best way to go about while renovating your kitchen:


The cabinets

For the cabinets, consider using the shelves that slide out. This is because the design is pocket friendly and simple. Also, it is a rare design. The slide out cabinets makes accessibility easy and thus suitable in a small kitchen. Also, the cabinets are suitable if your kitchen is the type where you have your dinner without moving to the living room. This is because you can easily serve without difficulty accessing vital items.

The finishes

Every homeowner considers their kitchen the best. Therefore, do not spoil this reputation by going for the wrong finishing designs. Going for the steel, especially the stainless type, will give your kitchen finishing the expensive look it is worth. If your kitchen functions well and satisfies all your needs, then do not deny it the best form of finishing.

The sinks

Kitchen sinks are always considered under the most important sections of your kitchen. As such, it is worth the best expensive treatment there is. A confident and yet traditional look can be good for your sink, but ensure it blends well with any style you may put in your kitchen. The farmhouse sink can best portray that look and still fit in any design. Still, the farmhouse has tidy lines and well-shaped basin. However, if you do not prefer the traditional look, you can still go for the modern one. A commercial kitchen style can be good for you too.

The kitchen surfaces

Since you are renovating and redesigning your kitchen, it will be good not to leave out the surfaces. Furthermore, they also play an important role in your kitchen. You can thus consider the following suitable surfaces to use for renovation:

• The solid surface: If you love the patterns on your kitchen surfaces, use the solid surface. They offer a uniform pattern. However, they are easily stained and scratched.

• The eco surface: They are beautiful, resistant to scratch and stain, and their patterns are uniform and consistent. They are also visually strong.

• The quartz and granite surface: Just like the eco surface, they are resistant to both scratch and stain, have uniform patterns, which are consistent and with a luxurious feeling.

The kitchen lighting

Consider it as a way of appreciating your kitchen, luxurious lighting will do no harm! You can use the lighting fixtures such as the pendant lights or even the chandelier lighting. They are both good at complementing and supporting your kitchen specialty. Furthermore, you can add another lighting fixture to light up specific areas of your kitchen such as the puck light on your cabinets.

Remember, when it comes to function and style of your kitchen, always keep things balanced. As you should realize by now, it’s very possible to do that. And when you get the right contractors to manage your kitchen renovations in Winnipeg, keeping function and style elements at the best equilibrium can be easier done than said!

How To Balance Function And Style For Your Kitchen