The bathroom is considered to be a very small room but its renovation can be quite complex when compared with other rooms in the house. In order to get the job done in an efficient manner, different skilled tradesmen have to coordinate with each other and then devise a variety of solutions. The planning phase happens to be quite tough and all the contractors involved have to keep within the budget. Before you begin a bathroom renovation project, here are a few things you must consider:

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• Determine the room’s dimension and the position of existing doors, skylights and windows. These three items play a vital role when a new floor plan is made. Furthermore, the position, size and shape of the fixtures and fittings will also be affected.

• In case you are changing the layout and have a plan for adding skylights, windows and doorways, you must allow some extra cost, time and tradespeople.

Changes in layout

When determining the layout of your bathroom or when you have a plan to change the layout, here is what you need to ask yourself before initiating the project:

• Do you want the bathroom to be an en suite? Some people prefer to have a self-contained space.

• Do you have a plan to reconstruct the space? This may include altering the ceiling or floor, adding or removing internal walls, embedding new fixtures into floor, walls or ceiling cavities and installing a sunken bath and etc. if this is the case, remember that it calls for trickier finishing, more labor that would surely increase time and of course costs.

• Do you plan to add laundry facility in your bathroom? If yes, then you may need some extra plumbing and power outlets.

It is important that you thoroughly examine the materials that have been used in the existing bathroom. They could be wood, concrete, plasterboards or tiles. You must remember that all these items require different solutions.

Assessing the cavity space

Analyzing the cavity space is equally important because you need to determine how much space is available within the walls, under the floor area and in the ceiling. This will have a direct impact on the positioning, configuration and types of pipes, wires and fittings. You certainly cannot add cavity space to a brick wall without an extensive work. However, if your bathroom walls are plasterboard, then things would be a lot easier.

Moving the plumbing

When you plan to move your bathroom basics like plumbing, you must prepare yourself for spending extra money. You need to look for a well-qualified plumber and get the work done. Analyze your bathroom thoroughly and see whether you have to shift your washbasin and toilet or are you fine with a revamped version of what you already have?

You must also see whether the current fixtures and fittings (wall tiles, floor screens, and mirrors) can be incorporated in your new design. If you have a low budget, then it is a nice idea to refit or resurface the existing fixtures and fittings.

Before you begin a bathroom renovation project, you need to see how it will affect your day-to day life and it is better if you make a plan for the time when the work is in progress. This is especially important for those houses where there is only one bathroom.

Look for expert guidance and involvement

When planning for bathroom renovations in Winnipeg, you will have to seek professional help to get the work done in an efficient manner. Here are some people of the professionals that can assist you in your upcoming project:

• Painter

• Tiler/renderer/flooring specialist

• Cabinetmaker

• Carpenter

• Electrician

• Waterproofing contractor

• Spa expert

• Plumber

• Project manager

• Architect, builder or interior designer

When hiring any of these professionals, make sure they are industry qualified, licensed and are insured. Before commencing the project, make sure both parties have a clear understanding of the scope of the work. It is better if you jot down all the deliverables when finalizing the contract.

Most common pitfalls in bathroom renovation projects

• Inadequate planning

It is highly important that you have planned ahead and have also consulted professional bathroom designers for your project. They will surely guide you what will be suitable for you in the present and in the long run.

• Failure in organizing contractors effectively

To make your project a successful one, you need to make sure that you involve the tradesmen in the right order. If you have contractors on site when you are not ready for them, this can really cost you a lot. It may also result in skipped stages of renovation. This means there will be extra work in the long run.

• Not giving importance to the basics

Before you plan for a complete new bathroom, make sure you have studied your current bathroom’s layout thoroughly. Unless you are building your bathroom from scratch, you may not have the blank canvas you wish for. This does not mean that you cannot have a dream bathroom. It just signifies that you have to readily adapt to situations during the renovation.

Navigating Through The Process Of Bathroom Renovation