Six great tips from your contractor.

Every home renovation can become a big headache for home owners and it doesn’t matter if it’s small or major project. However if you plan ahead and make proper decisions before you start, it can be a completely painless process especially if you hire a reliable Winnipeg contractor. Here we have 6 suggestions for you to make your renovation project a simple and pleasant experience.

1. After you hire the right contractor you must ask them about the steps they take in making sure there house is protected against the renovation you will be conducting in other areas of the house. There are many ways to contain construction dust, this is a must do process as its unhealthy allowing your family to breath this in. On top of containing the dust it’s very important to protect your content and existing floors that you may be keeping. Great contractors will use Ram board cardboard on your floors or a plastic film over your exiting carpet you may be saving. All this shows you that your contractor actually CARES…

2. Remember that if your newly renovated place does not match your furniture and you decide to replace it, the total cost of your project can quickly increase. It seems needless but you should also include this in your budget.

Making your renovation easy. Tips from Your Winnipeg contractor.

3. If your budget allows, consider replacing outdated appliances. This way you can avoid problems with installation and damages that can occur during the installation.

4. Do your homework. Choose a contractor in Winnipeg who has the capacity and skill to realize your project. Visit their website, read the reviews, check for a valid insurance policy and ask about warranty.

5. Clearly communicate with your contractor, create a plan and scope of works to be done. This is very important because even the smallest deviation from the original plan is costly, increases time of project realization and in some cases can be very frustrating. In case of additional changes, you must be prepared for extra cost, so it is the best practice to prepare a clear plan in advance.

6. You should also remember that your home is not only an investment. This is a place where you spend lots of time and should feel the most comfortable. This is why, renovate like you would live there forever. Use high quality, energy-efficient materials as well as new techniques and technologies that will allow you to enjoy your place for many years.

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Renovation Tips from your Winnipeg Contractor