Choosing basement flooring is not as easy as it sounds. It is certainly more than just choosing the right pair of shoes for yourself. You need to survey the market and then choose the one that ticks all the boxes before considering how your selection will impact your house. If you are planning to renovate your basement in near future, you will have several options to consider.

Analyze your needs first

Winnipeg home renovation project

Before you begin with any Winnipeg home renovation project, it is important that you evaluate and analyze your living style. The same rule goes for your basement. Sit and think for what purpose you need a basement. In case you are planning to use this space as a storage area, then epoxy coating will suffice. Apart from being budget friendly, the best part about epoxy flooring is that it is available in numerous designs and colors. Hence you can have multifunctional space that is resistant to messes and spills that are quite common in basements.

Flooring option for a well finished look

When it comes to basement renovations, people usually prefer wood floors, tile or at times carpeting because it gives a very finished look. Carpet usually provides insulation to the basement which otherwise would be one of the colder rooms of the house. Other flooring options are discussed below:

• Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are also quite popular as they are available in a number of designs and colors and can give the basement a more refined look. The floor can be easily cleaned but it requires a little bit of maintenance. Ceramic tiles will add cooling effect to the basement therefore you may need to consider heating options in the basement once you install these tiles.

• Wood flooring

Wood flooring is a popular choice among homeowners for their basement renovation project. It gives the basement a complete new look. However, it will only serve you for many years if you pay special attention to is cleaning and maintenance. If you are installing wooden floor over concrete then it is important that you choose a proper kit that allows the floor to be glued down properly. Installing wood flooring is not a DIY activity at all and therefore it is recommended to look for a reputable contractor.

• Cork flooring

Cork flooring is also getting popular as it can provide an eco-friendly and resilient finish to your basement or any other part of your home. People who are highly concerned about the environment prefer these floors because no trees are cut down to produce the material. This flooring is made from the scraps that are left after manufacturing the bottle stoppers. Just like any other flooring option, cork floors are available in panels or tiles and come in different patterns and textures. You may choose the one that appeals to you the most and give your basement a new look. Cork flooring is not only durable but it offers a lot of cushioning and assists in increasing the temperature of the place that is usually coldest in the home. When installing cork flooring in your basement, it is imperative that you coat it with a sealant so that it is well protected from water and moisture damage.

• Laminate flooring

With recent advancement in laminate flooring, waterproof options have made it ideal for covering a basement floor. This is an ideal option for those who have a low renovation budget and look for something new and unique. Before you install laminate flooring in your basement, make sure you have removed all moisture problems to avoid damage to the floors.

There are many other flooring options as well which you can consider. In order to have a perfect look, it is better that you discuss your preference with a reputable contractor and see what he suggests after evaluating your basement.

Top Flooring Options For Your Basement