One of the top reasons why bathrooms need to undergo renovation or retouching is the desire to change its colour. This is a major move and the amount that you will be spending will depend on the extent of remodelling or renovation job to be done. Be it a newly constructed bathroom or just a make-over, you should take other bathroom elements into consideration. Here are some tips that you should know for choosing the right colour for your privy.

Consider the size of the bathroom

This concern can be omitted if your bathroom is spacious enough. But for small areas, you may want to create an optical illusion. Have in mind that lighter colours make any room appear bigger and this is also true when it comes to your bathroom. If you have a long and narrow privy, consider painting the ends with a shade darker than the long walls. Darker walls will recede and will create an illusion of width.

Choose a predominant colour

Have a fixed colour scheme that suits your needs. If you prefer darker shades, choose one as the predominant colour. With this, you can opt to have several hues from the same colour shade which can be used as accent colours. Fixtures follow the same ruling. Darkly-coloured items will cut the line and this will make the room appear smaller. There should be fluidity in your choice of colours.

Install appropriate lighting


Your choice of lights can greatly influence the colour you have selected. Fluorescent lights bring out the best in blue and green paints while bulbs blend well with reds and warm colours. View colours during daytime.

Go classic

Neutral colours are the safest as they can go well with any size of room. Cool whites, greys and earth tones look timeless and elegant. Contrary to the belief that these colours are dry and boring, you can create unique styles if you tie them up with your other classical designs or themes. You can easily incorporate accessories if this is the case.

Pay attention to details

This calls for a careful scrutiny of the colours of items to be stashed in your privy. It would not look nice if you have bronze-cabinet hardware, a modern chrome faucet and a brightly coloured claw-foot tub. Everything would be a total mess-up. Be reminded that all the elements must work together to create an elegant masterpiece.

Use the colour wheel

If you prefer to play with colours and your bathroom is wide, you can use the colour wheel as a guide. However, doing this has its drawback, in case a fixture gets damaged, you may have a difficult time looking for a replacement with exactly the same colour as the old one especially if it is custom made. Given the freedom to use any colour, be informed that it should not just be any colour, it should complement other items and add more beauty to your bathroom.

Lower items come first

Choose the shade for the bathroom tiles first. This makes sense if you think about the area that the tile covers. When you have seen your tiles and the hues behind them it is easy to make adjustments as to the other parts and accessories you will need in the bathroom renovation.

Choose three colours

A bathroom colour scheme is guided by what is called ‘the rule of three’. In this case, you should choose one neutral colour and an accent colour. You can think about a certain proportion for this colour scheme, usually 70/20/10. When following this, you should consider the lightest colour at 70 percent of the work, followed by the second lightest at 20 percent then the boldest colour for the 10 percent remaining.

There is also a second rule of three

From the rule above comes another rule which is called a second rule of three. What is this? You may ask. The second rule of three states that you can use one colour three times in the room. You can allocate that three times not just in the bathroom fixtures and tiles but also in choosing accents or even towels.

Achieve a sense of balance

One of the most important things to highlight when it comes to choosing the right colours for the bathroom is to achieve a sense of balance in the visual display. A sense of balance is one that highlights all colours no matter how much of each is applied in the room. When everything else is balanced, you can be sure you made the right colour choices.

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Top Tips When Choosing The Right Colours For Your Bathroom Renovation